Hey everyone, so it’s been awhile since I have posted and I figured I needed to catch up.

The Secret paths shawl is basically finished, I just need to weave in the dreaded ends then I’ll post a pic.  I have been making ever so many cup sleeves and mug sweaters in the hope that I could get someone local to display/ sell them but so far this has not worked out.  I have to say, this kinda bummed me out, but now I am moving forward.

I have hats a plenty to work on and am kind of excited.  However I need to finish the pompom wreath first.

I have been on multiple antibiotics for around 2 weeks now and everyday I get a little more tired and drained.  It can be hard to stay motivated.  But with the help of my new Daria shirt I shall go on!


I used to love this show and now I feel I must find a way to watch it again!  My husband and I went out to dinner last night and had a very nice evening, but today I’m paying for it.  Its difficult not to feel jaded by the constant pain and exhaustion, or to just want to never step outside, but keeping my sense of humor (sarcastic though it may be) is defiantly one of my survival techniques.

I hope to have more progress pics soon.


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