Everyone havin babies!


So I’ve had to take a small break from some of my crochet exploits because a few of my friends are having babies and I always feel some type of homemade gift is best if at all possible.

After scouring the inter-webs and my own collection for patterns I like- I finally settled for a couple I found in Etsy. The experience I had with the seller was far from satisfying but I do like how my gifts turned out. I decided that besides just a gift for the baby I’d do something for the parents as well.

I didn’t get to do as much as I wanted but I think (and hope) that they’ll like and use what I made for them. I sort of ran out of energy for the second set, but at least I got the baby and mom ones done. Slippers for everyone!

I wondered about selling them but to me it seems like the thing most people would just rather make themselves or just buy at Wal Mart.

Now back to more exciting projects. Currently I’m working on a circle vest and have so many more lined up- I just hope I can keep the energy going!



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