Circle Vest (sigh)


So I’ve been working on this vest for my sister-in-law awhile now and I thought it would be pretty easy. Essentially it is an easy pattern but the yarn chosen for it made it somewhat difficult-basically to get consistent tension with it. I thought I was almost done- the last round is 8dc in each ch 5 space- no problem, right? HA! I have had to frog the last round 3 times now and then frog even more rounds because I ran out of yarn every time. This will teach me to take a pattern at it’s word about yarn requirements.

And so I’m taking a break from it so I can actually feel accomplished and get something done. I don’t know about you guys, but when a crochet project just drags on I feel like I need to make something else that I can complete relatively quickly in order to feel like I’m actually doing something. Hence I started working on this sweater (also for a family member) and after working with that (thread)yarn this project is just flying! Hoping to be done in a couple days and then I will again tackle the final round of the circle vest.



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