So a few months ago, I received as a gift a very special crochet hook. Being that my hands often get fatigued or stiff, I was super excited to try it. And as life would have it, it turned out to be the size I needed for gauge on the sporty sweater I just completed.


Let me tell you- using this hook was a joy! The project went quicker than expected and I felt special every time I used it!

I had been eyeing the Furls heirloom hooks but I couldn’t justify the $80 per hook they wanted. Plus I use a variety of hook sizes and several of them are on the small side (Furls only goes so small in the heirloom hooks).

So after receiving and using my gift hook, I decided to look into where it was from. NELSONWOOD!

I was slightly overwhelmed by all the options so I started a conversation with the owner. He was prompt, courteous, and very helpful. He answered all of my questions and helped me to customize a six pack to exactly the hooks I wanted. With the six pack, each hook ends up being a tiny bit over half of what Furls wants per heirloom hook.


Each hook is beautifully unique, has good hand feel, and is completely smooth- no rough spots anywhere (unlike other wooden hooks I have bought). The hooks came wrapped individually in a protective cylinder and I received them very timely manner.


I never thought a new hook -or 2- would bring so much joy and excitement to on going and new crochet projects, but it did for me!….I am still working on the circle vest….but I also have completed a couple projects since I last posted.  I am doing a few projects using the Get Squared technique. I hope to post about them soon. Until then!


Circle Vest (sigh)


So I’ve been working on this vest for my sister-in-law awhile now and I thought it would be pretty easy. Essentially it is an easy pattern but the yarn chosen for it made it somewhat difficult-basically to get consistent tension with it. I thought I was almost done- the last round is 8dc in each ch 5 space- no problem, right? HA! I have had to frog the last round 3 times now and then frog even more rounds because I ran out of yarn every time. This will teach me to take a pattern at it’s word about yarn requirements.

And so I’m taking a break from it so I can actually feel accomplished and get something done. I don’t know about you guys, but when a crochet project just drags on I feel like I need to make something else that I can complete relatively quickly in order to feel like I’m actually doing something. Hence I started working on this sweater (also for a family member) and after working with that (thread)yarn this project is just flying! Hoping to be done in a couple days and then I will again tackle the final round of the circle vest.


Everyone havin babies!


So I’ve had to take a small break from some of my crochet exploits because a few of my friends are having babies and I always feel some type of homemade gift is best if at all possible.

After scouring the inter-webs and my own collection for patterns I like- I finally settled for a couple I found in Etsy. The experience I had with the seller was far from satisfying but I do like how my gifts turned out. I decided that besides just a gift for the baby I’d do something for the parents as well.

I didn’t get to do as much as I wanted but I think (and hope) that they’ll like and use what I made for them. I sort of ran out of energy for the second set, but at least I got the baby and mom ones done. Slippers for everyone!

I wondered about selling them but to me it seems like the thing most people would just rather make themselves or just buy at Wal Mart.

Now back to more exciting projects. Currently I’m working on a circle vest and have so many more lined up- I just hope I can keep the energy going!


Secret Paths shawl II

So here it is- My completed Secret Paths Shawl. The pattern is on Ravelery. I used 3 balls of Mandala yarn to give it a little more length. I’m hoping to put it on Etsy sometime soon- but we’ll see the process of putting new things up it somewhat daunting to my Lyme brain these days. I have a few more projects I’ve finished somewhat recently and I hope to post them soon.

For awhile I didn’t even have enough energy to crochet but it seems ,for now at least, I can get back to it. So many projects- so little time!


Hey everyone, so it’s been awhile since I have posted and I figured I needed to catch up.

The Secret paths shawl is basically finished, I just need to weave in the dreaded ends then I’ll post a pic.  I have been making ever so many cup sleeves and mug sweaters in the hope that I could get someone local to display/ sell them but so far this has not worked out.  I have to say, this kinda bummed me out, but now I am moving forward.

I have hats a plenty to work on and am kind of excited.  However I need to finish the pompom wreath first.

I have been on multiple antibiotics for around 2 weeks now and everyday I get a little more tired and drained.  It can be hard to stay motivated.  But with the help of my new Daria shirt I shall go on!


I used to love this show and now I feel I must find a way to watch it again!  My husband and I went out to dinner last night and had a very nice evening, but today I’m paying for it.  Its difficult not to feel jaded by the constant pain and exhaustion, or to just want to never step outside, but keeping my sense of humor (sarcastic though it may be) is defiantly one of my survival techniques.

I hope to have more progress pics soon.