Secret Paths Shawl

So after starting around 4 ‘ideas’ to make with the mandala yarn I bought and then ripping them out, I finally settled on giving the secret paths shawl a shot instead of trying to do something with Tunisian crochet that I don’t really have a handle on yet.  This is also while finishing the caplet, starting a new (but easy) messy bun hat, and still working on the pom poms needed for my wreath idea.

I guess it just depends on what strikes me that day and what I have energy and concentration for.


Also if you’re interested in what Lyme does and why it’s so controversial, NBC in NY did a 5 part series that is quick and easy to watch, the link is here.   Each part is under 5 mins.  Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!


New day

Well I finished the hat and am about halfway through the cowl/caplet.  It’s been continually rough but hopefully If I can get my feet under me with all this crochet I can make a start of something and feel accomplished.  I slept better last night than I have in a month so maybe I’m turning a corner!!  I think I need to make a list of projects I want to do ’cause right now they are just bouncing around in my head.

With the wind blowing and the rustle of leaves I’m really enjoying rooibos tea with its earthy flavor and the scent of fall all around.  I’m hoping for an extended autumn and a short winter.



Working through

20171023_150614Fall is finally here for good I think, there is a crisp breeze and the leaves are falling off all the trees. I would love to sit outside and enjoy this brief season before snow falls and it turns everything soggy and brown. I have had a bad few days with Lyme as well as MCAS and it doesn’t look to be changing.  Today is the worst of the last few.  I am shaking all over and can’t breathe as well as everything else.

I started several projects over the weekend though- an easy ribbed beanie, a caplet in a cake yarn, and started the process of making many pom poms for a wreath.   We will see if I am able to continue with any of them today, I hope so.


By George…

So after watching that youtube video over and over again and pulling out the hat around 6 times (or more), I think I finally have the pattern down and I finished the hat!  I still need to decipher the puff stitch border, but I fell like I won the game- Ha!  The bottom band is around 18.5 inches and its around 7.5 in tall, so it falls under the 6 month – 2 year size.  I have tried to contact the site to see if I could publish a translation, but have gotten no response.  UPDATE:  I just got a response and so after I figure out the band and how to put it all down on paper I will be posting the pattern.