So a few months ago, I received as a gift a very special crochet hook. Being that my hands often get fatigued or stiff, I was super excited to try it. And as life would have it, it turned out to be the size I needed for gauge on the sporty sweater I just completed.


Let me tell you- using this hook was a joy! The project went quicker than expected and I felt special every time I used it!

I had been eyeing the Furls heirloom hooks but I couldn’t justify the $80 per hook they wanted. Plus I use a variety of hook sizes and several of them are on the small side (Furls only goes so small in the heirloom hooks).

So after receiving and using my gift hook, I decided to look into where it was from. NELSONWOOD!

I was slightly overwhelmed by all the options so I started a conversation with the owner. He was prompt, courteous, and very helpful. He answered all of my questions and helped me to customize a six pack to exactly the hooks I wanted. With the six pack, each hook ends up being a tiny bit over half of what Furls wants per heirloom hook.


Each hook is beautifully unique, has good hand feel, and is completely smooth- no rough spots anywhere (unlike other wooden hooks I have bought). The hooks came wrapped individually in a protective cylinder and I received them very timely manner.


I never thought a new hook -or 2- would bring so much joy and excitement to on going and new crochet projects, but it did for me!….I am still working on the circle vest….but I also have completed a couple projects since I last posted.  I am doing a few projects using the Get Squared technique. I hope to post about them soon. Until then!


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